Finches in Australia

A must-have book that details best practices on keeping a huge variety of common and rare finches, both native to Australia and from other parts of the world.

• Choosing your Birds

• Building an Aviary

• Food & Water

• General Care

• Nesting & Breeding

• Problems & Solutions

• Clubs & Shows

• Individual Breeds

If you are a beginner or an experienced birdkeeper, advice from a 40 year finch veteran is always welcome. This new book from Harry Doven, renowned authority on finches in Australia and one of the founding members of the Western Australian Finch Society, gives you all the information you need to successfully care for, breed and show these delightful and entertaining small birds.

Would you like tried and tested expert advice on how to keep, breed and show finches?



This book is an essential resource for anyone that appreciates the beauty of these energetic, lively and colourful birds. Harry has a gift of writing in a straight-forward, no nonsense and down to earth style, advising both new and experienced Finch owners through every stage of ownership, from selecting your preferred breeds, how to house them so they thrive in your location and climate, the best ways to feed them and keep them healthy, and much more. The second part of the book delves into the individual Finch breeds and their variants, with information and advice specific to that particular bird.

Over 350 Colour Photos

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~ Australian Finches ~

• Beautiful Firetail Finch

• Black Throated Finch

• Chestnut-Breasted Finch

• Crimson Finch

• Diamond Firetail Finch

• Doublebar Finch

Gouldian Finch

Zebra Finch

Long-Tailed Blackheart Finch

Masked Finch

Painted Finch

Blue-Faced Parrot Finch

Pictorella Finch

Plumhead Finch •

Red-Browed Finch •

Red Eared Firetail Finch •

Star Finch •

Yellow Rumped Finch •

Lesser Red-Browed Finch •

~ Non-Australian Finches ~

• African Fire (Ruddy) Finch

• Aurora - Pytilia Finches

• Bengalese Finch

• Blue-Caps

• Cordon Bleu Finch

• Cuban Finch

• Cut-Throated Finch

• Green Singing Finch

European Greenfinch

Gold Finch

Golden Song Sparrow

Jacarini Finch

Java Finch

Melba Finch

White, Black & Tricolour Nuns

Orange Breast

Red Faced Parrot Finch •

Silverbills •

Siskins (Red and Yellow) •

Spice Finch •

St Helena Finch •

Red Strawberry Finch •

Tri-Coloured Parrot Finch •

~ What Else? ~

The book also includes colour photo pictorials of rare Australian finches, plus other bird species that are compatible with finches, such as canaries, doves and others, to give the budding aviarist the best start on this rewarding and enjoyable hobby.

About the Author

Harry became a lifelong aviculturist after finding an aviary in the backyard of his first home, complete with birds, in 1975.

Much of the early years involved caring for canaries, however he has always kept finches. Specialising in the Zebra Finch, Harry also keeps a wide range of both Australian and non-Australian finches.

Taking a keen interest in breeding and showing birds, he has developed an extensive knowledge of finches, and is also an experienced judge at both state and national levels.

Along with five fellow enthusiasts, he started the Finch Society of Western Australia. The first meeting was held in Perth, in October 1982. Within a few short years, the club had grown to over 300 members.

In 2006, Harry was awarded a life membership to the very club he helped to create, and in 2017 he was also awarded a life membership of the Zebra Finch Society WA.


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